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Hands Repairing Air Conditioner

HVAC Contractor Credentialing

Membership Fee Conditions

Your membership fee provides 12 months of:

  1. Access to our new and improved best-in-class online training on how to meet and exceed the ENERGY STAR program’s quality standards while saving time and money.

  2. Job reviews that result in increased quality, lower costs, decreased time on the job, and more profit for all stakeholders involved.

  3. Access to industry-best field guides, frequently-asked questions, and on-the-job checklists that help ensure quality in every installation.

  4. On-site consultations with experienced technical experts across the country to help your company succeed in ENERGY STAR.

  5. Easy access to experienced technical experts and instructors capable of answering any and all questions on the ENERGY STAR program.

  6. Referrals for ENERGY STAR jobs through our website and partners.


  • New Member is defined as a company that has not previously been credentialed by our organization or another approved H-QUITO organization.

  • Renewing Member is defined as a company that has previously been credentialed by Advanced Energy and is renewing its membership.

Refund Policy: If you decide to cancel your initial or renewal request, you may do so within 72 hours at the cost of $50.00. After 72 hours all membership fees are non-refundable!

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